P.G. Medicine

    Why pursue PG Medicine after gaining ground through Bachelors

    The absolute desire to secure a rock-solid foundation for your education is everyone’s dream. Migrate Overseas ensures monetary safety as well as credibility regarding their stay in Europe’s finest excellors when it comes to education, art and technology. Germany is the most preferred location for Indian students to experience leisure, culture and superior education. Our firm knows the importance of time, comfort and expenses. We specialize in delivering a one of a kind experience for the students, by granting them elite universities to study in, ensuring them a virtuoso status in their desired field of study. We make sure that joining a medical college in Germany will turn out to be the best decision of your educational endeavour.

    Post-graduation after MBBS needs a well sought out decision so as to where to pursue it. Most of the students prefer to reach for the brim by being a specialist in their field. Here Germany proves to be the best option amongst other countries due to its supreme educational soundness. Medical education in Germany yields the utmost sophistication and aristocracy.

    German System For Pursuing PG Medicine

    We help the aspiring young minds maneuver through the process, tackling any hindrances or language barriers along the way. An array of efficient medical colleges in Germany are free from any sort of educational charges and ensure a smooth transition with the admission process. Many MBBS courses are free of any educational charges in a variety of German colleges. The German medical council encompasses the PG course ensuring massive credibility regarding the medical sciences. Students are subject to ace level teaching with a remarkable journey towards post-graduation. We usually are in touch with MBBS top shots in India that recommend German universities, guaranteeing flawless and elite teaching of the science. We promise the journey from MBBS to PG to be as effortless and convenient for the students as possible.

    Linguistic Acumen

    Students require a mandatory B2 level of efficiency in the German language. C1 and C2 level learning is also required to treat local patients. Migrate Overseas has a special treat for the students willing to go the extra mile for their dreams. We understand the passion and willingness to go for their dreams. We offer language courses for the students to gain basic fluency and adept command over the language so as to thrive in the ethnic environment.


    Germany has its own medical terminologies and medical ethics. Students have to appear for a Medical License Test which makes them artful and well-read with the local practices. This knowledge makes them a maestro in interacting and tackling anomalies that the local environment is subjected to.

    Beruferlaubris/PG Degree

    After acquiring the post-graduation degree, students can adamantly conduct their practice with a promising amount of 65,000 euros annually. Students can enroll themselves and get a precise case study with their well-honored prominence. As a part of the education, the students aiming for medical prowess have the chance to serve in a hospital, hence enhancing their abilities. A lump-sum stipend of 1500 to 1700 is given to the ones fine-tuning their craft in the hospital.

    India’s massive population spurt has made Germany undisputedly the best option to pursue a specialization. Germany has proven to be an epicenter for quintessential education. Think before you choose to take this huge step as it requires a safe base for it to be executed efficiently.

    A Hub For Specializations

    The intricate nature of the specialized practice is well tackled and eloquently taught in Germany. There are in total 33 specialties. The complex artform of operating in a specialized way requires time, patience and dedication. The fabric of the course gives a clear insight into the nexus that lies ahead. After the completion of the graduation process, doctors observe and get a chance to take part in the esoteric process.

    We promise loyalty, support and sheer guidance. Medical colleges in Germany are here to sharpen your skill and nourish your presence. So get in touch with us and we ensure sincere assistance and promising reassurance.