Technical Essay Writing

    A well written Technical Essay is the requirement our experts can help you fulfill.

    Most of the German Public Universities require applicants to submit Technical Essay along-with the main university application. And you cannot flounder over such an important document which sometimes carries close to 30-40% weight-age for getting an entry into the program of your choice.

    How to write a great Technical Essay?

    Universities not only test your writing skills but also want to see how motivated and determined you are to study at a public university in Germany. So, here are few tips to write the most effective and concise essay that leaves a strong impact on the admission committee.

    • Follow the word limit specified by the university. In any case it should not be less than 250 words. An ideal essay would be around 650-700 words.
    • Explain your interests, and elaborate on talents/skills that you possess.
    • Write about your setbacks and how you overcame the same and lessons learnt.
    • Write about incident that may explain your trouble-shooting capabilities. Be concise and original.
    • Any achievements or events that really made you feel proud of yourself as a matured person.
    • Write any incident/s explaining your leadership qualities in school, family, community or sports.
    • Do not plagiarize. Googling and copying others language or words or incidents will surely result in poor evaluation of your technical essay which may end up in the rejection of your application.

    Our experts can help?

    Our expert content writers will collaborate with you and create a perfect and 100% original Technical essay for your university applications.