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    Instead of theoretical knowledge, if you prefer a real-life working experience and want to work in one of the best developed countries in the world then the best option for you will be Ausbildung in Germany.

    In the German Education system, the ausbildung courses in Germany plays a very important part. To enter the workforce in industry, they are designed to provide skills which is required in the industry. For providing Ausbildung in Germany to every student, the German Government is committed and devised this system which allows students to work in German companies as apprentices and students can join Ausbildung course in Germany from all over the world. In a training institute, the students are getting ausbildung training as per their choice of profession. The Ausbildung in Germany allows the students to get hands-on experience and they develop the required skills which helps them to succeed in their choice of field or who want to start their own business. 


    Through this apprenticeship system, many young students enter the working economy through the Ausbildung course in Germany. Every year, various German Companies issued more than 500000 new apprenticeships contract to do ausbildung in Germany. To save the recruitment cost, the German companies offer apprenticeship with training and in this way, they avoid the employees for hiring who does not have proper skills.  The ausbildung in Germany is expanding year by year and proved by the fact that the apprenticeship contracts issued are increasing. So to make a successful career in Germany, more and more people are getting chances to be trained and absorbed in the industry through the Ausbildung in Germany program.  

    The system of Ausbildung in Germany works where the company hire the students to work and normally the students spend 70 % of the time in the company to learn the practical aspect of what they learn in the academic institution wherein the theoretical aspect is covered in the 30 % of the time. All the schooling cost of the academic institution is borne by the employers. So the employer first select the candidate for employment and then place them for theoretical training in the ausbildung training school or Berufsschule in the German Language. To select as per this process, the students have to submit the application to the employer and have to pass the interview taken by the employer. The student who accepted the Ausbildung in Germany are known as an Azubi or Ausbildender. As per the ausbildung in Germany school, the student has to appear for mid term and final exams. On the basis of these exams, the training company and the ausbildung school both will award the grades. 

    How Ausbildung in Germany Works:

    Ausbildung in Germany Consultants

    The German training company will host 70% of the training time wherein learning will be technical skills of that industry-specific and the student will apply these newly acquired skills and knowledge in practice.

    Ausbildung Training in Germany

    The theoritical classes at ausbildung school (Berufsschule) will be of 30 % of the total training period and normally consist of one or two days in a week or several weeks at one go, 

    • During the apprenticeship program, an allowance of €900-€1200 is paid to the trainee which depends on the profession chosen by the trainee and the number of years apprenticeship completed. 

    On the completion of the Ausbildung in Germany, the trainee will get from IHK German Chamber of Commerce, a certification of the DVT programme (of specific field). After that, full time job is usually offered to the Graduates

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    Who wants to do Ausbildung in Germany? 

    The student who prefer the working knowledge and experience instead of the theoretical learning

    The student who is looking for a gateway to make a career in Europe​

    The student who is looking for study/work abroad with cost effective path  


    The Ausbildung in Germany year usually starts with two intakes. The first intake is in the month of April (summer intake) and second intake is in the month of August 1st or September 1st (winter intake). As already said, the Ausbildung in Germany is spread over the times at the company and at school wherein two-thirds of the lessons consist of those topics that are relevant and related to your apprenticeship/course. During this Ausbildung training in Germany, the vacation is provided to apprentice and they are entitled of four weeks or 24 working days per year vacation – this is available during the period when the vacation time is going on in school. 


    A monthly salary is given to the student by the employer during the whole duration of training. This is the reason why there is no need to open the blocked account to pursue Ausbildung training in Germany. Currently, the student is earning monthly approx.. 900 to 1200 euros gross on an average. It also depends on the region where you are undergoing Ausbildung in Germany. Also the salary/stipend is increases every year of apprenticeship. 

    Advantages of Ausbildung in Germany:

    Here are reasons why Ausbildung in Germany makes sense: 
    • There are variety of professions and the student can choose the program as per interest and career aspirations
    • There is no prior requirement of specific educational qualification so its easy to get Ausbildung in Germany
    • The Ausbildung in Germany training combines the theory and practices i.e. study and work at same time
    • In Germany, there is huge demand of young professionals
    • The stipend is paid from the start to end of the Ausbildung in Germany
    • Ample jobs are available for those who completed ausbildung in Germany and the students can get the jobs easily in entire Europe
    • The control of the Ausbildung in Germany is in the hands of state and they offer the best education 

    Ausbildung in Germany : Benefits to the Candidates

    • In German Companies, the student will get the work contract and employment
    • The candidates has been provided the services of local support till the settlement
    • The employer provides the food, housing and health insurance to each student during the training period
    • After five years, the student becomes eligible for PR in Germany
    • Also the VISA and work allowed to the spouse of the candidate
    • The education is free for self and all family members

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    Duration of Ausbildung in Germany

    Normally, the duration of the vocational training is from 2 years to 3.5 years depending on the trade

    Eligibility criteria of Ausbildung in Germany

    Language Requirement:

    The study in vocational training in Germany is in german language. Also the practices in the company and interaction is in german language. So the tests of Ausbildung will be in german language. For all course, the minimum requirement for language is Level B1 and for nursing, its B2. Before recruiting the students, most companies confirm in advance of proficiency in German language. To complete the instructional class, language proficiency is must and is considered relevant by maximum no. of organisations.


    The minimum requirement is 10+2 (in any stream) with a minimum of 50% marks. The students of higher study are also eligible.


    • The confirmation letter from the employer/training company
    • The confirmation letter from the training school
    • Language Proficiency Proof B1/B2 Goethe Certificate
    • Resume
    • Education Qualification (Marksheet/ Certificate/ Degree etc.)
    • Health and Travel Insurance
    • Biometric Photos
    • Covid Vaccination Certificate
    •  Police Clearance Certificate

    Age Limit:

    Normally the age of the student should be between 18 to 30 years

    Ausbildung in Germany: Process

    (It will be minimum 2 months process after the completion of language certification)

    3 to 4 levels in German (for Ausbildung only):
    A1, A2, B1 / B2
    – Each level duration is of 60 to 160 hours
    – Complete A1 – B1 / B2
    – Duration: minimum 6 months to 8 months
    – Certification from:
             – Goethe B1 / B2
             – Telc B1 / B2
             – DAF: 3*4

    The school certificates needed:
    – the school certificates are to be translated to German
    – the school certificates are to be legitimized at the German embassy
    – Making the legitimate copies

    To evaluate the school certificate in Germany:

    -For recognition, have to send translated and legitimated copies of school certificates

    -It will take between 1 to 2 months

    -For applying Ausbildung in Germany, CV and motivational letter are required from the candidate

    -The CV & motivational letter required in german language for recognition and applying for Ausbildung in Germany

    After fulfilling the following eligibility criteria, apply for Ausbildung program:

    – Certification of B1/B2 German level depending on trade

    -School certificate to be deposited at German Embassy duly translated and legitimized 

    -To get recognition from the certification authority in Germany

    -To get professional CV and Motivational letter in German

    The applying process is:

    -Have Ausbildung contract

    -Have admission letter from the training school

    -Have the recognition of school certificates

    -Booking of appointment in German Embassy

    -Preparation of visa file with complete documents

    -Age between 18 to 30 years

    Have Health Insurance

    -Have Accommodation

    -Have a bank account

    -Registration at the international office

    -Start the Ausbildung in Germany

    What after completing the Ausbildung in Germany:

    • The Ausbildung training ends with an exam and you become a skilled worker which is an important step to apply for a permanent residence permit in Germany. There are excellent career opportunities for trained skilled workers. 
    • As per the trend in the industry, usually the candidates prefer to work with the same employer and the employers also prefer to appoint the apprentices if both are satisfied with each other.
    • After completing the training, the students can work anywhere in the world. Normally the countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland and Luxemburg give preference to these candidates for giving employment which is based on the language and trade skills of the candidates.
    • Skilled students can legally and permanently work for German firms after completion of Apprenticeship.
    • German Citizenship is also available after a few years of work in Germany
    • The skilled candidate have the option to upgrade education, specialize in any specific field, advance the career or can choose for self employment. Depend on the industry and profession, the candidate can choose further training.
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    • To join the respective course, the candidate is granted student visa
    • After joining, the TRC (Temporary Residence Card) is issued to the candidate
    • After getting TRC, the spouse of the candidate can come on Spouse VISA. Also the spouse can work full time
    • The VISA is of Schengen Visa which allows the student to travel in 26 countries without any further visa

    List of Occupation


    You will learn: 

    Caring for patients, patients safety, monitoring patient’s condition, 

    Collaborating with doctors, perform routine procedure, specialties of work 

    area, maintain recors, etc. 


    Work task: 

    To work as a nurse in hospitals, clinics 

    health centers, retirement homes, social 

    facilities, home service, etc. 

    Hospitality Expert

    You will learn: 

    Process of different areas of hotel, like organizational and 

    administrative work, kitchen work for maintain hygiene regulations 

    restaurant work process like order, bill, serve, collect the money, 

    process of reception work like check-in, check-out, explain details 

    process of house keeping, etc 


    Work task: 

    work as a expert in any of 

    notel department like in office, 

    kitchen, housekeeping 

    reception with co-ordination 

    and team work 

    Mechatronics Technician

    You will Learn: 

    To build and commission of mechatronics systems, with help of 

    electronics and electrical components in automation 

    To check, install, optimize, programm, support, and service of system 

    To maintain and repair the system 


    Work task: 

    As a mechatronics specialist in 

    assembly line, maintenance of 

    system, installation of 

    components, testing of system, 

    repairing of system, etc. 

    Salesman & Saleslady

    You will learn: 

    About sales strategies, management, customer handling, data record, 

    billing, team work, team coordination, identifies leads, communication 

    skills, team handling, etc. 


    Work task: 

    setting sales goals, developing sales strategies, 

    handling customer inquiries, preparing 

    proposals, manage sales process, Keeping 

    records, researching data, preparing team 

    meeting, set targets according to time, 

    coordination with team, etc.

    Specialist for Warehouse Logistics

    You will learn: 

    storage, distribution, inventory management, and recording of 

    maintenance of items in a warehouse, managing the stock room, 

    receipt, and storing and managing specialized storage 

    requirements according to goods properties 


    Work Task: 

    proper storage of items or goods, space 

    allocation, labels updation, receipts proces 

    plan delivery of goods, maintain records ti 


    Office Management

    You will learn: 

    company right, knowing of all the departments and areas of company, 

    planning and organizing meeting and business trips, billing, accounting, 

    management of office work like maintenance, supplies, mail, bills, team 

    work, etc. 

    Work task: 

    manage office work, maintenance, mail, supplies, 

    meeting, appointments, letters and business 

    papers, conferences, office conditions, bills, trips, 

    organize and ordinate office operations, create 

    concepts, etc 

    Specialist of Food Technology

    You will learn: 

    About food science, food/chemical, nutirtion, testing samples 

    designing processes and machinery for scale up, generating and 

    improving recipe, hygiene regulations and safety standards, etc. 


    Work task: 

    Generate or modify new product and recipe, 

    test or examine samples, writing report, 

    manage manufacturing, manage suppliers, 

    manage hygiene and safety, monitor 

    additives, etc. in kitchens, factories, 

    laboratories, and offices 

    Industrial Clerk

    You will learn: 

    operational processes according to business management 

    perspective, finance, accounting, communication skills, costing, 

    commercial processes, material management, marketing, human 

    resources, negotiation skills, sales, etc 


    Work task: 

    to work as an industrial clerk in various industry 

    like, purchase, work preparation department, 

    warehouse management, sales and marketing 

    department, accounting department, shipping 

    personal department, etc. 

    Restaurant Expert

    You will learn: 

    various work of restaurant, like front desk, arrange table settings, deal 

    With guests, advise in sales, marketing, economics of sales, event 

    catering, reservations, kitchen work for maintain hygiene, right 

    ingredients for a recipe, nutritional and energy value, etc 


    Work task: 

    As an expert in kitchen, front office 

    or reception area, dealing with 

    guests, serving, sales, marketing, 

    reservations, bills, accounting, 

    promotion, etc. of any restaurant 


    You will Learn: 

    To grow trees to appropriate size, plant trees, care for trees, maintain 

    greenery, create ponds, basins and watercourses, learn about tools 

    and mechinary to use in profession, soil enhancement, etc 


    Work Task: 

    To work as a Gardener in 

    Gardens, Parks, Sports Fielas, 

    Play Grounds, Green Roofs, City 

    Government offices etc. 

    Cook / Chef

    You will learn: 

    10 setting up menus, studying recipes, hygiene regulations, purchasing 

    and storing ingredients, arranging and preparing dishes or t000, 

    supervision of staff, team work, monitor food stock, experiment and 

    suggestion for new recipe focusing with sales, knowledge of culinary, 

    leadership skills, time management, etc. 


    Work task: 

    work as a chef in hotels, restaurants, catering 

    companies, food industries, cruise ships, to 

    manage all the activities and process to 

    preparing high-quality dishes or foods 


    You will learn; 

    about baking, safe food handling, sanitation, other basic baking practice 

    operation of machines and entire system, hygiene regulation, creativity 

    for new product, sales and marketing skills, accounting, team work, 

    manage manufacturing process, material storage, etc. 


    Work task: 

    Temperature setting, measuring 

    ingredients, decorating, operation 

    controlling, maintain hygiene, 

    taking order, plan delivery, sales 

    and marketing, etc. 

    Commercial Driver

    You will Learn: 

    Road traffic legislation, Inspection, Service and Maintenance the Vehicles, 

    Process of customer contact, Behavior in case of accidents, Planning of 

    logistics or trip, Contract processing, etc. 


    Work task: 

    Planning of tours, Inspection of 

    vehicle, Get loading or unloading 

    of goods, Maintaining vehicle 

    condition reports, Short out 

    minor defects of vehicle, etc. 

    Animal Husbandry

    You will learn: 

    to prepare feed rations, feed mixtures, animal care, keeping, 

    feeding, cleaning animal housing, intensive care of sick animals, 

    prevent diseases, record keeping, animal health check, care of 

    new born animals, etc. 


    Work task: 

    To work as expert of animal husbandry 

    in a farm, z00, etc, feed preparing, 

    animal care, intensive care, record 

    keeping, manage farm, data records, 

    planning, etc. 

    Electrician / Industrial Electrician

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    Spa & Wellness Specialist

    Metal & Electrical Profession

    Automobile Profession


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