Study in New Zealand for Indian Students: Colleges, Eligibility & Scholarships

The Best Consultants in Delhi for Study in New Zealand

We have become known as one of the top New Zealand education consultants in Delhi in a very short period. Migr8’s outstanding personnel, counsellors, and international educational experts are always available for the program’s accomplishments. Additionally, our team uses a very different mentoring and training strategy, which enables them to give each student their entire attention. Additionally, we have some of the best IELTS instructors that can guide you through the exam with ease. Furthermore, you receive:

  1. Admission Direction
  2. Visa Guidance Sessions
  3. Interview preparation for visas
  4. SOP preparation (Statement of Purpose)
  5. Pre-Departure Instructions

Our team works around the clock to assist students in achieving their goals. Additionally, all of the students receive individualised attention from our advisers, who work with them to identify the best options based on their overall profiles.

Top Universities

Advantages of Studying in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand: Your Dream Collage/University’s Roadmap


Evaluation of profile is the foremost and essential step, that aims to understand your strengths and weaknesses and hence, creating and building a profile that top and recognized universities accept after you decide to study abroad.

At Migr8, we evaluate your profile on metrics ranging from your program eligibility, work experience to academic standing; and even extracurricular activities required to compensate for weak academic standings. 


You need to research what programs work best for your circumstances and also your aspirations. While aspiring to study in New Zealand choosing a program and assessing the options available while keeping a check on deadlines for application dates and other events can be a humongous task for you alone. 

We at Migr8, besides acknowledging your goals and aspirations, guide you through the process, university requirements and provide you with an accurate assessment of your chances of admission to institutions that suit your needs.


While studying abroad, institutions have preset academic requirements which they can assess through some standardised tests that include IELTS, TOEFL, etc. Your performance in these plays an essential role in strengthening your likelihood of getting admission in specific colleges and universities besides facilitating your chances of getting a scholarship and financial aid to study abroad.

Migr8 provides incomparable training and with our unique mentoring model we ensure every student is assisted in the required learning to seek admission to the top universities.


Among thoNew Zealandnds of options after thorough research, it is imperative to target certain universities that meet your requirements and ones you are eligible for as well. From assessing the university ranking to narrowing down your ideal course and program options, Migr8 assists you at every step of the way.

While aspiring to study in New Zealand, we at Migr8 ensure that we target the right universities for you to maximise your chances of acceptance while aligning the education quality, living standards and finances to your needs and ambitions. 


A significant part of your college applications is formed by essays, Statements of Purpose, and letter of recommendation for you to be able to study abroad.At Migr8, we make sure we create a profile that is beyond merely the quality of language but also comprises you as an individual and your story. Demonstrate the best of you as a person and as a student to stand out among the thoNew Zealandnds of applicants with Migr8.


The next step in the process requires you to show you have enough money to pay for your course. You will also be required to show you have enough money to support yourself which depends on where you’ll be studying in New Zealand. 

At Migr8, we begin by outlining all the potential scholarships a student may be eligible for depending on his or her background and test results.Mentors at Migr8 assist the students with the application process, including the documents, essays, etc., after the scholarships have been discovered for you to study in New Zealand.


You’re off on a major journey. Counsellor at Migr8 will offer guidance along the process on issues like converting money, insurance, SIM cards, and creating a bank account. There are many things to consider during this period.

To assist you to get ready for studying abroad in your new country, we often organise pre-departure events.

Why to Study in New Zealand

Why study in new zealand
  • Internationally Recognized Universities 

All eight of New Zealand’s universities consistently achieve high rankings in the QS World Rankings* and Times Higher Education Rankings, and degrees earned at any of these institutions are recognised around the world, providing access to opportunities everywhere. The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) also makes sure that institutions are authorised to accept students from outside New Zealand and that they adhere to the requirements for qualifications. This forms a significant factor for Indian students choosing to study in New Zealand.

  • Outstanding pedagogy

New Zealand’s emphasis on research-based teaching, which is influenced by the UK’s educational system, ensures that you will learn how to deal with circumstances in an organised and systematic way. At different levels, you’ll learn how to operate individually and with a team. You will be encouraged to ask questions, think critically, and gain from student-teacher interaction while you are a student here. Additionally, while you pursue your study in New Zealand you’ll be able to put the ideas you’ve learned in class into practice and come up with several ways to problem-solving.

  • Research and Invention

Students might find many chances for research in New Zealand. The nation takes pride in its highly qualified faculty, well-stocked labs, and availability of the newest tools, resources, and opportunities. As a result of its innovative attitude, it has become a centre for new technologies, research, and development in a number of sectors, including medicine, physics, geology, engineering, astronomy, computer science, and agriculture. The Nobel awards that New Zealand has won serve to highlight the importance and broad scope of the country’s research.

  • Peaceful and safe nation

The Global Peace Index 2018*, which measures the level of social tolerance and political stability in the Kiwi democracy, places safe and tranquil New Zealand second. You will have the same rights as your Kiwi peers as an overseas student.

  • Work while you learn 

You are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week as an international student in New Zealand during the academic year and full-time during breaks. In reality, you will be able to work full-time while earning a research master’s or doctoral degree.

Popular New Zealand Universities

Considering university rankings, cost-effectiveness, location, student experiences, student reviews, job availability, eligibility requirements, and career possibilities, we have identified the top universities for Indian students who want to study in New Zealand.

University Name QS Ranking Tuition fees in NZD
Auckland university of technology 15 30.660 NZD
University of Canterbury 250 29.550 NZD
University of Waikato 373 23.170 NZD
Lincoln university 319 26.828 NZD
Otago University 184 27.700 NZD
University of Auckland 82 33.688 NZD
Manukau institute of technology 4922 24.052 NZD
Unitec Institute of Technology 3451 25.570 NZD
Massey University 272 24.300 NZD
Victoria University of Wellington 223 29.154 NZD


Popular New Zealand Universities for Master’s 

University Name QS ranking Tuition fees in NZD
Auckland university of technology 15 MIM (1-1.5 yrs-29,890 NZD

M.Eng (1-1.5yrs-35,909 NZD

University of Canterbury 250 M.Eng (12months-40,389 NZD)

MS (12-24months-39,045 NZD)

University of Waikato 373 M.Eng (12months-34,925 NZD)

MS (12-24months-32,002 NZD)

Lincoln university 319 M.Arch (1yr-36,092 NZD)

MS (24 months-30,239 NZD)

Otago University 184 MIM (12months-41,570 NZD)

MS (12-24 months-38,085 NZD)

Victoria University of Wellington 223 M.Eng (12months-32,788 NZD)

MIM (12-24months-39,045 NZD)

Types of New Zealand Student Visas

Visa Name Type Of Visa Duration Of Visa
Fee Paying Student Visa International students may apply for a full-time study permit if they enrol with an accredited educational institution and pay the full cost of their studies. Upto 4 years
Exchange Student Visa To apply for this visa and enrol in full-time classes in a school-to-school exchange, exchange programme organisation scheme, or tertiary exchange, international students must be chosen for the student exchange programmes. Upto 4 years
Foreign Government Supported Student Visa For students who have a grant or loan from a foreign government. Upto 4 years
MFAT-funded NZ Scholarship Student Visa To obtain a New Zealand scholarship provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade for Indian students and other international students (MFAT) Upto 4 years

Top Courses in New Zealand for Indian Students

The following degrees are well-known to study in New Zealand universities. In New Zealand, you can continue academic studies at any of the following levels:

  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Trades
  • Animation
  • Engineering
  • Business management
  • Health care
  • Sports management
  • Business Studies
  • IT and Computer Science
  • Agriculture
  • Art and design
  • Engineering Forestry
  • Hospitality


The nation is well known throughout the world for its information technology, computer science, and animation programmes. Animation is the most popular course to study in New Zealand.

Eligibility Criteria to Study in New Zealand 

Requirement for English

  • For all undergraduate and graduate programmes, candidates must have an IELTS score of at least 6.5. (the score depends on the course and university).
  • For undergraduate courses, many universities require a minimum PTE Academic score of 50, and for master’s programmes, a score of 64.


  • Primary and secondary education lasts 12 years (12th/Intermediate).
  • The majority of universities accept a minimum of 75% overall and 60% in English and Mathematics in class XII as prerequisites (for some Sciences and Technology courses).
  • Minimum required academic IELTS/PTE scores

Master’s in New Zealand

  • Undergraduate degree.
  • Minimum required PTE Academic or IELTS scores.
  • Relevant work history (for MBA and IT program).

Requirements to Study in New Zealand 

The list of documents required for applying to a university to study in New Zealand are:

  • Grade report for class 10
  • Class 10 Certificate of Completion Class 12 Mark Sheet
  • Class 12 Certificate of Completion
  • Bachelor’s grade reports
  • Certificate in Probation/Graduation
  • Supporting records:
  • Appointment letter and letters of employment
  • Proof of employment history (for courses like MBA and Masters in IT)
  • Academic resume
  • Diplomas and, if applicable, certificates
  • GMAT/GRE scores
  • IELTS and PTE Academic results
  • Recommendation letter (if applicable)
  • Statement of Purpose 
  • Documentation supporting your application’s additional co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Exams Required for Study in New Zealand 

IELTS: In practically all American colleges, the IELTS test is acceptable. If you can demonstrate that you have sufficient English language skills, most colleges will not need it.

Not all universities require the TOEFL. Most PhD candidates, nevertheless, will have to make an attempt. Everything is dependent on the university’s requirements.

PTE: The PTE is an internationally recognised computer-based test. The majority of nations that speak English demand it. You might not need to attempt all of these tests, though.

GRE: If you want to pursue an engineering or master’s degree in New Zealand, you must take the GRE. A few business schools have also begun to accept this score for the MBA.

GMAT: If you wish to pursue your MBA in New Zealand, you must take the GMAT, or Graduate Management Admission Test. The test would require a passing grade of at least 700


What are the document requirements for enrolling at a university in New Zealand?

Certain requirements to study in New Zealand are stated as follows:

  • a current passport
  • An NZQA-approved course was offered with a letter of offer from a New Zealand education institution.
  • Evidence of adequate funding:
  • • The cost of tuition (your own or a sponsor’s)
  • • The sponsor’s financial commitment to pay living expenses.
  • • Letter of scholarship (if applicable).
  • • The student must demonstrate that they have $15,000 NZD each year to cover living expenses.
  • • Airline tickets as proof that you will depart New Zealand after completing your studies there.
  • For courses lasting longer than a year, the full medical examination report and chest X-ray are required.
  • A police certificate is required from all international students who intend to study in New Zealand for a duration longer than two years.
  • Medical insurance is required. Please provide a TT or fee receipt.

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 At Migr8, we provide:

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