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Canada is among the top 10 places to live in the world as per the United Economists Intelligence Unit. Canada is very popular for various reasons such as access to education, high life expectancy and low rate of crimes. Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal are the largest cities in Canada and are recognized as world-class cities in terms of safety, cleanliness, study and work opportunity. If you study in Canada, you can enjoy freedom, respect for humans, rights, equality just like other domestic students and an attractive lifestyle.

Why study in Canada?

Canada is constantly ranked as one of the best countries in the world for its quality of life. It is the world’s second-largest country in total area and has share the border with the United States. Canadian universities are open and provide an opportunity to study in Canada and explore the city, indulge in the culture and connect with fellow international students. Thousands of undergraduate and postgraduate courses are accessible to study in Canada with a balance of theoretical and practical knowledge.

  • Quality of education

Canadian and international students who study in Canada enjoy a high standard of living. It is a great destination for living and working. When students study in Canada and get their degree, it is globally recognized. The Canadian educational system used cross-disciplinary studies and skill development which are essential for future development.

  • Vibrant cultural environment

Canada has been consistently marked as one of the safest places in the world to live. The University Campus holds several events, fests and activities throughout the year which provide the opportunity for the international students who study  to experience the International environment. We are top consultants for study abroad. The multicultural environment in Canada leads to friendliness and peaceful living.

  • Affordable cost of living

To study in Canada is a lucrative investment for students’ future with access to various education facilities, multicultural experiences and recognise degrees. The quality of education and living standard of Canada are among the highest in the world with the most affordable tuition fees rate for international students. The return on investment makes it quite a feasible option as the international students who Study in Canada get a post-study work visa.

  • Part-time earning opportunities

International students who study in Canada can work up to 20 hours per week during their studies and 40 hours per week during vacation. Students can work full time off campus during co-op terms amounting to C$400 to C$1000 per month.

  • Post-study work visa

Students who study get a work program from the Canadian government after getting a diploma degree from a post-Secondary School in Canada. It is one of the best methods to continue to live in Canada while working. If you study in Canada for a specific program for two years or more then the PGWP is valid for 3 years.

Facts About Canada

  • Canada has the highest number of educated ministers in the world. Over 93% of politicians have College degrees.
  • The Minimum expected tip in Toronto is between 15 to 18% of the bill excluding taxes.
  • Toronto, the largest city in Canada, is known as the multicultural city on earth. There are over 250 ethnicities present in the Toronto region with 180 distinct dialects spoken.
  • Study in Canada as it is the world’s most educated country. More than 50% of the population has a post-Secondary Education.

The education system in Canada

Each province in Canada takes the sole responsibility for education. Education is a high priority in Canada. Standards of the country are uniform and focus on imparting high-quality education to the students who study in Canada.

  • Early education in Canada begins at 4-5 and Grade One starts at about 6 years of age for all children.
  • Grade 11 or 12 is considered a Secondary School which depends upon the province.
  • After Secondary School, the student who studies in Canada can opt for University courses or a college diploma.

A student can easily search for publicly funded and private institutions to study in Canada. There are various options for students at different levels to study in Canada.

  1. Secondary School
  2. Community colleges
  3. Career College
  4. Technical institutes
  5. University

Let’s have a glance at some of the education levels available for students to study.

  • The certificate level is usually for a year.
  • The diploma level is a 1 or 2 years program.
  • An Advanced Diploma is a 2 or 3-years program.
  • Bachelor’s degrees of four years in full-time study in Canada.
  • Post-graduate diploma or certificate is for one or two years to study in Canada.
  • A Master’s degree is undertaken after completing a bachelor’s degree and is of 1 to 2 years duration of study in Canada.
  • A doctorate or Ph.D. can take up to four to seven years to complete studying in Canada.

Popular Universities

Let’s have a look at popular universities in Canada where international students can pursue their career paths and achieve their dreams.


University of Toronto

The University of Toronto founded in 1827 is one of the best universities to study in Canada in the world, six years in a row is rated as the number one for studying. Among the graduates of the university are Nobel laureates, famous scholars-discovery, and outstanding Prime Ministers of Canada. Here, international professors use leading research to teach and provide opportunities to study in Canada with advanced knowledge of natural, social, and humanitarian sciences. This university has 40 libraries, including Canada’s largest research library and dozens of specialized institutions in colleges, faculty, and schools, containing over ten million volumes and many other materials.

McGill University

This university is located in Montreal and remains in second place in Canada this year, climbing four places in the ranking to join 31st. McGill University accounts for 12 Nobel Laureates and 145 scholars among its alumni who study in Canada and Canada’s current prime minister Justin Trudeau.

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is an international Centre for students who study in Canada for Teaching, Learning, and Analysis and is among the highest twenty public universities in the world. Getting a Scholarship from the world’s high twenty universities could be a nice accomplishment that needs wonderful teachers with a Precise statement of purpose. The interview is an integral part of the associate admission method for students who want to study at such Universities.

Université de Montréal

Montreal University is a research university in Quebec. The University was founded in 1878 with three faculty members: theology, law, and medicine. The main campus is located on 65 hectares of land on the northwestern slope of Mount Royal. Montreal University ranks 73 in the world ranking of universities. It has 27 medical facilities and 2 affiliated schools: a polytechnic school and an advanced business research school. University strengths that students can study in this university: personalized medicine, drug development, neurology, nanotechnology, computer technology and databases, digital humanitarian sciences, and high-performance calculations.

University of Alberta

Alberta University was founded in 1908. The main campus is located in the heart of the City, from which it is easy to reach the fashionable Old Strathcona area. Alberta University is among the top universities in the world and is among the top five research universities to study in Canada with an excellent reputation in the field of opening and broadcasting research, scholarships, and creative activities in various fields. The University is also one of three national centers of artificial intelligence study in Canada. Known for its exceptional programs such as engineering (both computer and chemical), electrical engineering, MBA, economy, construction, health, and education is also one of the best engineering universities in Canada. Alberta University Career Center offers workshops, seminars, consultations, and more to help students who study in Canada to plan their careers. Foreign students who study in Canada also have several ways of working during their studies: working on and off campus, collaborative, and internship programs.

University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo was founded in 1957. Waterloo graduates who study in Canada have gained prominence in many areas, including Nobel laureates. Tuition fee: from 30’562

CAD. A national survey of 2400 students conducted by Maclean’s magazine put Waterloo first to study in Canada to prepare for a career. In the world ranking of universities, it is in 166th place. The New York Times calls it “one of the best tech schools in the world”. The University of Waterloo is known for its achievements in engineering, math, computer science, art, architecture, and healthcare.

University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is a public analysis university set in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It’s composed of fourteen schools and over eighty-five analysis institutes and centers. The main field is found within the northwest quadrant of town close to the Bow stream and a smaller south field is found within the eye.

Cost and finances

Cost of education

As compared to other study destinations in the world, The cost to study in Canada is quite affordable. One requires approximately $22000 (CAD) to $32000 (CAD) Annually to cover tuition fees and living expenses. However, the cost to study in Canada may vary on various factors such as location, course and institution selected to study in Canada.

The cost to study can include other expenses apart from tuition fees. Students also need to budget for essential items such as stationery, books, laboratory expenses and others.

Let’s look at the table which will show the approximate tuition fee cost to study in Canada for undergraduate, graduate and diploma courses of Canadian universities and colleges for

full-time international students.

cost and finances

Living cost

Living expenses for an international student who studies in Canada depend on the city one has to live and study in Canada, the type of accommodation, and the living standard of an individual.

A student can budget for approximately $10,000 CAD TO $12,000 CAD for covering expenses such as travel, food, accommodation, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Top courses to study in Canada

From a wide range of courses to choose from, we have narrowed down your search for the top courses to study in Canada. Now you can select the best program in your field to study.

Study in Canada

Student visa procedure

It is very important to figure out how to get a student visa also known as a Canadian study permit for Canada. Figuring this out will play a very crucial role when you decide where you want to study. Let’s discover together what you need to do to get your student visa for Canada.

➔ Apply to a Canadian University and get your acceptance letter.

Before starting your student visa application process you need to make sure they are you want to study in Canada. Once you are accepted at a Canadian University, you will get an acceptance letter that is essential for the visa application.

If you need to apply for a student visa in Canada.

You can use the official Canadian study format tool to find out if you need a study visa or a format to study in Canada.

➔ Start your application for a Canadian student visa.

➔ The first step to obtaining your student visa is:   

  • apply online for the Canadian student visa, on the CIC website.
  • send the visa application documents by force if you have a limited internet connection or cannot submit the document online.
  • provide an acceptance letter from a designated learning institution recognized by the Canadian government.
  • deliver proof of sufficient financial resources to support your study in Canada such as tuition fees and living expenses.
  • provide proof confirming you have no criminal record.
  • submit clinical records that showcase you are in good health.
  • complete application form, institution application fee, academic document

➔ Prepare all the necessary documents.   

  • resume
  •  work experience certificate
  • English language proficiency certification
  • letter of recommendation
  • statement of purpose
  • portfolio for selected programs
  • complete family information
  •  evidence of the purchase of Guaranteed Investment Certificate
  • original letter of acceptance from the University
  •  proof of study permit
  •  a valid passport and two photos

➔ Biometric appointment and interview 

Depending on your nationality you might have to show off at a visa application center in Canada to have your biometrics taken to study. Some countries are exempt from the biometric requirements for their cities and don’t need to visit an application center at all.

➔ Call for interview                                 

After the online process to get a student visa to study in Canada is completed, You will be called to attend your student visa interview at the respective embassy office you have selected.

Financial aid to study in Canada

Let’s have a look at the ways to get financial aid study.

1. Scholarship

● Merit-based
● Need-based
● Women’s scholarship
● Special category of student
● Students from a particular country
● Students pursuing a particular course or degree

2. Bursary

Scholarships are also a type of financial Award that universities provide to students who study and need financial support to pursue their career paths. University offers scholarships based on which students need the most support to study in Canada.

3. Grants

With the help of the grant, the Canadian government offers public services and funds to the students who study in Canada to boost ideas and projects for the economy.

4. Student awards

The Canada section student award was established in 1987 to award the promising young engineer and scientists who study in Canada in Electrochemical power supplies. This award helps to increase the number of students who study in Canada to begin continued their careers in the field.

5. Fellowship

Higher education Institutions use the term Fellowship to describe college scholarships and private sector employees for entry-level graduate work.

Best student cities to study in Canada

Canada Includes a list of popular metropolitan cities, Some cities are rich in natural beauty and greenery. Check out the list of the best cities to study in Canada:

1. Montreal

The best city to go to study is Montreal. this city is at the forefront of innovative scientific and technological research. Montreal is one of the world’s best cities for students and it is also recognized for its entertainment scene and creativity.

2. Toronto

For international students or onto is one of the top cities to study in Canada. this city has a wide range of educational options for the students to study in a variety of fields, unlike many other Cities. Toronto is the home of most Indo-Canadians. It is the greatest City to study in Canada for Indian students because of the education and employment opportunities.

3. Vancouver

It is a vibrant Metropolitan city with a diverse culture, language, and population. International students who study in Canada in this city are in awe the Vancouver’s natural beauty. It is a beautiful place to study covering various fields such as digital media, Information Technology, and Engineering.

4. Ottawa

This city is ranked among Canada’s top five beautiful cities because of its lovely views and surrounding. Students who study in Canada in this city benefit from firsthand contact with the industry because of the world-class research facility offered by the University of Ottawa.

5. Quebec

This city is Canada’s French-speaking heartland. Choosing to study in Canada or France means students will be exposed to both countries’ cultures and traditions. For the international student, it is one of the most reasonable price City to study in Canada. It is one of the greatest cities in Canada for Indian students who want to study in Canada along with is a cheap place to live in.


Can an international student work while choosing to study in Canada?

Yes, If your study permit includes a condition that says you can work on or off campus.

How long do I need to stay in Canada to get citizenship?

To become a Canadian citizen, you need to have been physically present in Canada for at least
1095 days out of the five years before you apply for citizenship.

How long will it take for a student to secure admission at the Canadian University?

Depending on the university or college applied to, the turnaround time would vary from 3 to 12 weeks. However, there is a faster turnaround time to study in Canada for the undergraduate program as compared to the post-graduate program.

What is the deadline to apply to a university to study in Canada?

Most top universities open their application portal a year in advance and expect the student to take time, to work on the application and collect documents.

What is the deadline to apply for a scholarship at Canadian University?

The date for applying for a scholarship at Canadian University keeps changing from session to session. The estimated deadline to apply for a scholarship to study in Canada is around March.

How early should one book the IELTS date?

In the peak season which is usually around the month of July and August, An individual should have the IELTS date 1 month in advance as the number of applicants increases during these months.
In non-peak season 1 can book 15 days prior but it is always advisable to take a gap of 1 month for preparation.
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