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Scholarship Application

The Best Consultants in Delhi to Study abroad

We have become known as one of the top Study Abroad education consultants in Delhi in a very short period. Migr8’s outstanding personnel, counsellors, and international educational experts are always available for the program’s accomplishments. Additionally, our team uses a very different mentoring and training strategy, which enables them to give each student their entire attention. Additionally, we have some of the best IELTS instructors that can guide you through the exam with ease. Furthermore, you receive:

Admission Direction
Visa Guidance Sessions
Profile Building
Interview Preparation for Visas
SOP preparation (Statement of Purpose)
Pre-Departure Instructions

Our team works round the clock to assist students who aspire to study abroad, in achieving their goals. Additionally, all of the students receive individualised attention from our advisers, who work with them to identify the best options based on their overall profiles.


Building & Assessing Profile

The first and most important phase is profile evaluation, which seeks to identify your strengths and limitations and, as a result, create and develop a profile that top and recognised universities accept once you decide to study abroad.

We evaluate your profile at Migr8 based on variables ranging from programme eligibility, employment experience, academic standing, and even extracurricular activities required to compensate for poor academic standings.

University & Country Research

You should investigate which programmes are best suited to your situation and goals. When you want to study abroad, picking a programme and weighing your alternatives while keeping track of deadlines for application dates and other activities can be a daunting undertaking.

Apart from recognising your aims and desires, we at Migr8 will help you through the procedure, university requirements, and offer you with an accurate estimate of your prospects of admission to universities that meet your needs.

Test Preparation

While studying overseas, universities have predetermined academic criteria that can be assessed via standardised tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, and so on. Your achievement in these is critical in increasing your chances of admission to specific colleges and institutions, as well as increasing your chances of receiving a scholarship and financial aid to study abroad.

Migr8 offers unparalleled training, and with our unique mentoring methodology, we ensure that every student receives the necessary learning to gain admission to the finest universities.

Shortlisting University Options

After conducting extensive study, it is critical to select specific universities that fit your prerequisites and are also eligible for admission. Migr8 aids you at every step of the route, from examining the institution ranking to narrowing down your optimal course and programme selections.

While wanting to study abroad, we at Migr8 make certain that we target the best universities for you in order to maximise your chances of acceptance while aligning education quality, living standards, and costs to your goals and desires.

Profile Preparation

Essays, Statements of Purpose, and letters of recommendation are important components of your college applications if you want to study abroad.

At Migr8, we make certain that your profile includes more than just the quality of your language, but also you as an individual and your story. Showcase your best qualities as a person and a student to stand out among thousands of applications with Migr8.

Financing Your Education

Migr8 starts by describing all of the different scholarships a student may be qualified for based on his or her background and test results.

Mentors at Migr8 assist students with the application procedure, including documentation, essays, and so on, after scholarships to study abroad have been identified.


 The consulates at Migr8 keep us up to date on the most recent visa documents and restrictions, and their success record exceeds 99%. Mock visa interviews are one of the unique services we provide, in which our Visa Counsellors interview and prepare students for anticipated inquiries. They inform them of the instances, but not during the final interview at the end of the simulated visa interview. We assist with all aspects of the visa process, including application completion, financial statement compilation, proper visa documentation, and mock interview coaching and training.

Departure Preparation

You’re about to embark on a significant journey. Migr8 counsellors will provide assistance throughout the procedure with difficulties such as money conversion, insurance, SIM cards, and opening a bank account. During this time, there are numerous factors to consider.

We frequently organise pre-departure events to help you prepare for studying abroad in your new country.

Financial Aid for International Students

After deciding to study abroad, it’s time for estimations regarding the expenditure. Our assistance will aid you in the formulation and management of your budgets. Indeed, we cover the majority of the costs, including hotel, food, health, communication, and travel.

Our financial or scholarship guidance advisory section provides you with important resources on foreign financial aid. Many colleges, however, recognise this and issue study bonds to honour your commitment to study. We understand that foreign education can be expensive.

These scholarships are intended to alleviate financial burdens for aspiring students, allowing you to focus on your greatest achievements without worrying about money.

  • A variety of subjects of study and institutes are supported in some way.
  • We will make it easy for you to find and apply for bursaries.
  • You might save thousands of dollars on your course fees.

Here are the costs to consider when studying abroad.

Each institution calculates the projected expenditures to determine a student’s level of financial need. Total tuition, mandatory fees, housing, board (where applicable), and books, as well as other living expenses (and, on occasion, travel expenditures) are estimated for students at the particular school. Separate decisions may be made at the institution’s discretion for students who live at home or independently.

Migr8  provides the expenses to include in your personal budget, in addition to tuition, accommodation, and meals.

Here are some specific costs to consider:

  • Application fees
  • Test fees / test admission (e.g., TOEFL)
  • Fees for visas and SEVIS.
  • Fees and tuition
  • Board and lodging (accommodation and food)
  • Books and materials (including laptop, CDs, paper, etc.)
  • Visit the United States
  • Domestic travel inside the United States
  • Health and medical insurance

Personal costs on campus (including wardrobe, phone, entertainment, and leisure) for the duration of the university accommodation period, as well as personal costs during university accommodation breaks (including travel, food, extra housing fees, telephone charges, entertainment, and leisure)

Funding Source

Some public and private institutions offer financial incentives to students. The majority of institutional help provided to international students is in the form of assistance and bursaries for undergraduate studies. Because financial assistance for international undergraduates is frequently scarce at a few universities, such bursaries are typically quite competitive. Please check with your university to see if they offer any additional benefits or exemptions, as both private and public universities can waive application fees. Merit-based scholarships are awarded based on special skills, talents, or abilities. TOEFL-based scholarships, academic records, artistic aptitude, musical or athletic ability are also possibilities.

Merit scholarships are frequently more competitive than need-based scholarships. To be considered, you must demonstrate exceptional ability in the relevant field.

Scholarships are awarded based on financial need. Students with a defined level of need may be eligible for this type of assistance.

University academic departments may offer grants to international students who have special needs and/or talents.

There are various forms of source funding. They’re right here,

  • Grants and scholarships
  • Personal loans
  • Personal assets

Types of Scholarships to Study Abroad

Scholarships based on merit

When you think of a scholarship, you probably think of merit scholarships. Academic proficiency is required to be considered for a merit scholarship. Your grades are the most visible evidence of your academic accomplishment. Merit scholarships, on the other hand, aren’t only based on your GPA. Some institutions may also consider any particular capabilities you may have, such as athletic abilities or musical abilities.

A merit-based award is almost exclusively intended to finance tuition prices. It depends on the university’s budget, your grades, or your financial need whether it pays only half or full tuition.

Scholarships for Financial Need

Need-based scholarships, as the name implies, are given to students who have proved that they have financial needs to undertake a study abroad programme. If the student is still supported by their parents, the scholarship provider will look at their income and ability to pay tuition costs. They may also consider your citizenship and residence status, the number of people in your family, tax returns, and work. If the student is self-supporting, their income will be examined.

Need-based scholarships are intended to aid students and their guardians who are unable to afford tuition and other study-related expenses. These grants are separate from merit scholarships, and depending on the programme or university, you may be eligible for both merit and need-based scholarships. Check with your financial aid advisor to determine what kinds of overseas scholarships you are eligible for.

Scholarships for athletes

Universities offer athletic scholarships to elite athletes in order to recruit them for their athletic teams. Full-ride athletic scholarships are widespread at many universities, particularly in the United States. Athletes compete for these coveted athletic scholarships, but they come at a cost.

Athletes must manage intensive training with studies while receiving a free education. Athletes are frequently offered athletic scholarships while in high school depending on their performance in sports.

Program or Field Specific Scholarships

Program-specific scholarships are typically associated with a specific level of study, such as a bachelor’s or master’s degree, or with a specific programme, such as an engineering or nursing programme. For example, a university may provide master’s degree scholarships to any of its master’s students, or the engineering faculty may provide engineering students with particular scholarships for master’s degrees in engineering.

Scholarships for certain programmes may be granted directly by the school or by a private donor linked with the university, such as an alumnus who has established a scholarship foundation. Sometimes these scholarships are included in your university entrance package, and you don’t even have to apply for them.

Scholarships for Minorities

If you are a member of a minority group, take advantage of the scholarship opportunities that have been set up expressly for you. Most colleges seek to ensure that all students have equal access to education. As a result, they provide scholarships to members of underprivileged groups who would not otherwise have the same possibilities as more privileged students.

Women, racial or ethnic minorities, and members of the LGBTQ community are among the eligible groups.