StudienKolleg Courses in Germany

    Studienkolleg is a prep college in Germany designed to prepare incoming international students who are willing to study in Germany but whose qualifications don’t meet the German education system criteria. Usually, a Studienkolleg courses last for 4 academic semesters or a full academic year. It intends to prepare you with the required skills and knowledge on particular subjects related to your favorite university course.

    Depending on your study field you want to study in Germany you’ll be required to attend one of the following Studienkolleg courses:

    • T-Kurs: German, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Informatics
    • M-Kurs: German, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
    • W-Kurs: German, Mathematics, Economics, Business, and Sociology
    • G-Kurs: German, History, German Literature, Sociology and Statistics

    As you can see, German language classes are a top priority in a Studienkolleg because regardless of the type, of course, you will learn the German language. If your regular course is taught in English which is more likely at the postgraduate level, you will be taught the English language.

    Importance of Studienkolleg

    • Helps those students to match up to the eligibility criteria of those reputed universities in which they want to see themselves studying.
    • Studienkolleg program serves best to those, whose school level certificate is not equivalent to the level of high school education provided in Germany.
    • Helps the student to understand what exactly the right program would be for him or her to pursue.
    • It helps the student to identify and enhance their strengths and magnify them exponentially by every passing day in Germany.
    • Makes each of the students interact better with the rest of the students and helps them to identify those fellow mates who share similar career interests thus paving the way for better bonding.
    • Makes the student analytical, logical, and sharpens reasoning powers that come handy while pursuing the higher programs that are set in the curriculum.

    How to apply for a StudienKolleg in Germany

    1. Check if your previous qualification is recognized in Germany
    2. Find a Studienkolleg and a course
    3. Check the requirements of the Studienkolleg
    4. Apply for a place at the Studienkolleg
    5. Get your German student visa
    6. Take the entrance exam