Tips to write reconsideration letter after rejection

    A ‘Reconsideration Letter’ is also called as ‘Widerspruch’ is a formal letter of appeal to the admission committee of the German Public University requesting them to reconsider and review the unfavorable decision.

    Rejection letter is not the end of the story, it’s still possible to get the rejection reviewed and get admission on the basis of well written and well presented Widerspruch / Reconsideration Letter. Our experts have guided hundreds of students through this difficult situation by helping them get their rejections successfully reviewed.

    In-fact most German Universities barring just a few like TU Munich, RWTH Aachen, allow you to appeal against their decision of rejecting your application. It’s important that you must find out whether the University of your Choice accepts Reconsideration Letter or not before applying for the same.

    What We Do?

    • Analysis of Rejection Reasons
    • Analysis of your CV, University Transcripts
    • Building a case by comparing it with successful candidates
    • Finalizing Reconsideration Letter